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4725 50 St, Rycroft, AB T0H 3A0

+1(877)596-0918 - MAIN SWITCHBOARD

1-780-765-3601 - FRONT DESK

1-780-876-6676 - HOTEL MANAGER

1-780-765-3026 - RYCROFT ROADHOUSE

1-780-765-2299 - MOVIE THEATER & GAMING INFO

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By Car:


 1) Head north on AB-43 E, GO 3.0 km

 2) Use left 2 lanes to turn left onto AB-43 N (signs for Edmonton), GO 4.9 km

 3) Continue onto AB-2 N, GO 62.1 km

 4) Turn left onto AB-49 W (signs for Spirit River),

5) GO 850 m and turn left towards the CO-OP grocery store

6) The hotel is on the East side of the street, next to the Co-op, 

ROADHOUSE APPETIZERS  CHICKEN WINGS  6 pc 7.95 » 12 pc 14.95 » 24 pc 27.99  Mild · Medium · Hot · Franks Buffalo · BBQ · Salt & Pepper · Sweet & Sour · Honey Garlic Honey Mustard · Thai Sweet & Spicy · Lemon Pepper · Breaded  BONELESS DRY GARLIC RIBS 12.95  Breaded boneless riblets with any flavour you like  BONE-IN DRY GARLIC RIBS  12.95  Chunks of piggy ribs with any flavour you like  POUTINE  Single Serving 9.95 » Basket of Fries 12.95  CACTUS CUT POTATO CHIPS 9.85  Plate of crispy fried potato chips, served with sour cream or ranch dip  CHICKEN NUGGETS or CHICKEN STRIPS or ONION RINGS  Small 6.75 » Basket 9.75  MOZZA STICKS (8) 12.5 AUTHENTIC MEXICAN-STYLE NACHOS Regular 16.99 » Spicy Beef 19.99 *Fresh made tortilla nachos, sauteed ground beef, onions, green peppers, olives & cheese ROADHOUSE NACHOS Regular 24.99 » Spicy Beef  26.99 * Fresh made tortilla nachos, sauteed ground beef, pepperoni, sala,mi, onions, mushrooms, green peppers, olives & cheese * Spicy Beef Nachos - fixings are sauteed in Franks Hot Sauce with the addition of jalapeno SMALL KAHUNA PARTY PLATTER 16.99 Battered Chicken Strips » 4 Large Deep-Fried Shrimp » 6 Mozza Sticks Onion Rings » Choice of Breaded Boneless Dry Ribs or Bone-in Dry Ribs BIG KAHUNA PARTY PLATTER 23.50 4 Battered Chicken Strips » 8 Large Deep-Fried Shrimp » 8 Mozza Sticks Onion Rings » Choice of Breaded Boneless Dry Ribs or Bone-in Dry RibS SOUPS & SALADS All salads come with your choice of Ranch Dressing, Thousand Islands, Italian or Caesar SOUP of the DAY 8oz 3.50 » 12oz 4.75 AUTHENTIC MEXICAN-STYLE TACO SALAD Italian-Style Wedding • Minestrone Beef Barley • Loaded Baked Potato Comes with a homemade bun or upgrade to our grilled sandwiches KLONDIKE CHILI 8oz 4.50 » 12oz 5.75 Comes with a homemade bun GARDEN SALAD Sm 5.99 » Lrg 9.99 Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, ham & cheese CAESAR SALAD Sm 7.25 » Lrg 11.25 Romaine lettuce, bacon bits, parmesan cheese, croutons, dressing, comes with garlic toast CHICKEN or SPICY CHICKEN CAESAR SALAD Sm 10.75 » Lrg 15.75 Caesar salad with pre-cooked chicken or spicy chicken, comes with garlic toast Regular 13.99 » Spicy Beef 15.99 * Fresh made tortilla nacho bowl, filled with chopped iceberg lettuce, sauteed taco beef, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, fresh homemade tortilla chips, & cheese ROADHOUSE TACO SALAD Regular 21.99 » Spicy Beef 23.99 * Fresh made tortilla nacho bowl, filled with chopped iceberg lettuce, sauteed taco beef, pepperoni, salami, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, green peppers, fresh homemade tortilla chips, & cheese * Spicy Beef Nachos - fixings are sauteed in Franks Hot Sauce with the addition of jalapenos GARLIC TOAST (2) 2.99 With cheese 4.49 ROADHOUSE BURGERS All hamburgers are homemade½ pound burger patties, served with a toasted bun & are "choose-your-own" toppings - ketchup, mustard, relish, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles & mayonnaise. Served with daily soup, tossed salad, fries or onion rings. Upgrade to battered country-style home fries 1.00 • Upgrade to a caesar salad 2.00 HAMBURGER 13.50 Good old burger CHEESEBURGER 15.50 Good old burger with shredded marble cheese ROADHOUSE BURGER 16.50 Our loaded burger with sauteed mushrooms, onion, pepperoni & salami GRILLED CHICKEN BURGER 15.50 Grilled chicken breast cooked with BBQ sauce & lemon pepper SPICY GRILLED CHICKEN BURG R 15.50 Grilled chicken breast cooked with Franks Red Hot sauce & lemon pepper Add cheese 1.50 • Add extra beef patty 2.50 Homemade zero carb, ½ pound burger patties LETTUCE WRAPPED HAMBURGER 5.25 With sauteed mushrooms, onions & mayo LETTUCE WRAPPED CHEESE BURGER 5.75 With sauteed mushrooms, onions, mayo & cheese LETTUCE WRAPPED ROADHOUSE BURGER 6.75 With sauteed pepperoni, salami, mushrooms, onions, mayo & cheese ROADHOUSE PIZZA Sm 10" Med 12" Lrg 14" CHEESE PIZZA: 15.95 22.95 27.95 ANY TWO TOPPINGS PIZZA 17.95 24.95 30.95 HAWAIIAN 17.95 24.95 30.95 Ham &  ineapple DELUXE 18.95 25.95 31.95 Onions, green peppers & mushrooms BBQ CHICKEN 18.95 25.9532.95 Grilled chicken, bbq sauce & onion SPICY CHICKEN 18.95 25.95 32.95 Grilled chicken with franks hot sauce, onions & green pepper, MEAT LOVERS 18.95 25.95 32.95 Pepperoni, salami, ham & Italian sausage PUERTO EL PASO PIZZA Chorizo sausage, seasoned ground beef, onions, 19.95 26.95 33.95 jalapeno peppers & fresh tomatoes BACON DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER PIZZA Seasoned ground beef, onions, dill pickle slices & fresh tomatoes 19.95 26.95 33.95 DELUXE SEAFOOD PIZZA 19 .95 26.95 33.95 Ham, pepperoni, shrimp , green peppers, onions & mushrooms ROADHOUSE PIZZA 19.95 16.95 33.95 Pepperoni, ham, salami, mushroom, onion & green pepper Add vegetable toppings Add meat or cheese toppings ROADHOUSE DINNERS All dinners come with your choice of fries or baked potato & salad or steamed vegetables. Shrimp sauteed in garlic butter & lemon pepper PIGS & PRAWNS DINNER 19.85 Soup of the day, 1 BBQ pork chop, 1/2 lb (+/-20 pcs) of shrimp, salad or vegetables SURF & TURF DINNER 23.85 1 BBQ 8oz steak, 1/2 lb (+/-20 pcs) of shrimp, garlic toast, salad or vegetab les  HUNGRY MAN SURF & TURF DINNER 26.85 Soup of the day, 1 BBQ 10oz steak, 1/2 lb (+/-20 pcs) of shrimp, salad or vegetables  ROADHOUSE  FAVORITES  STEAK SANDWICHES 6oz steak with garlic toast & fries or baked potato 12.95 8oz steak with soup of the day, garlic toast & fries or baked potato 17.95 10oz steak with soup of the day, salad, garlic toast & fries or baked potato 22.95 BATTERED HOME FRIES Single Serving 5.75 » Basket of Fries 8.25 HOMEMADE FRESH-CUT FRENCH FRIES Single Serving 4.75 » Basket of Fries 6.75 KFC STYLE DRUMSTICKS & COUNTRY-FRIED HOME FRIES 6 Flavoured or Breaded Wings 16.99 12 Flavoured or Breaded Wings 21.99 LARGE BUTTERFLIED BREADED SHRIMP & COUNTRY-FRIED HOME FRIES 5 Pes 11.99 » 10 Pes 18.99 BATTERED FISH & COUNTRY-FRIED BATTERED CHIPS 1 Pee 13.95 » 2 Pes 16.95 BATTERED FISH & HOMEMADE FRESH-CUT FRIES 1 Pee 12.95 » 2 Pes 15.95 BREADED POPCORN SHRIMP & COUNTRY-FRIED BATTERED CHIPS Single Serving 13.95 » Double Serving 16.95 POPCORN SHRIMP & HOMEMADE FRESH-CUT FRIES Single Serving 12.95 » Double Serving 15.9 FONDUE MENU Fondue parties (over 2 PEOPLE) are by reservation only CHEESE FONDUE for TWO 28.95 Swiss cheese, wine, Kirsch & bread cubes COMPLETE FONDUE DINNERS (min 2 ppl} Soup of the day or a tossed green salad with your choice of dressing Cheese fondue Each person may choose one of the four courses listed below Chocolate fondue with fresh fruit FONDUE MAIN COURSE Beef & Free-Range Chicken (170-gram portion of each) 37.95 per person Beef & Prawn Fondue Dinner (170-gram portion of each) 39.95 per person Beef & Scallop Fondue Dinner (170-gram portion of each) 39.95 per person Chicken & Pork Fondue Dinner (170-gram portion of each) 37.95 per person Add to your fondue Beef Chicken or Pork 2.95 per 30 grams Prawns & Scallops 5.95 per 30 grams Rice 2.99 Garlic Toast (2) 2.99 WEEKLY SPECIALS Dine in  5OC/Wing Take-out » Delivery .SOC/Wing* *with a minimum purchase of $10, for any other item(s) in restaurant, liquor store, or convenience store) Kids & adults alike are welcome to share their singing & instrumental talents together & make music in a "no-pressure, no judgement" environment, where everyone gets to share their musical talent! FRIDAY Unlimited Sauteed MEDIUM SHRIMP (in house) .35C/shrimp FRIDAY Unlimited Sauteed JUMBO SHRIMP (in house » delivery) 1.25/shrimp Shrimp, sauteed in garlic butter & lemon pepper, served all night long Kids & adults alike are welcome to share their crib playing skills in a friendly afternoon crib tournament. A crib tournament geared to wards pairing the younger kids & seniors together for the ultimate team prize.... CRIBBAGE KINGS for the WEEK! SATURDAY All you can eat PIZZA (noon to 6pm) » (in house) 14.99 per person In the pub, (for adults only), is the "BETTING-FOR -SKILL " tournaments; »  FOOSEBALL » 8-BALL POOL (Vegas rules) » 301 DARTS (Vegas rules) Play will begin at 6pm & will continue until there is winners to declare. Depending on the turnout, we will either play singles or team up & play doubles. There is a $5 entry fee per person for each tournament & players are welcome to join more than one tournament on the same night! Round Robin tournament play, with semi- finals & finals to determine who will be the winner ! WINNERS TAKE ALL! SATURDAY All you can eat PIZZA (6pm to 12am) » (in house) 14.99 per person  phone 7808766676  7807653601 7807653026 7807652299

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